This published book, Giving My Self to the Wind, is a way to say ‘I was here.’ I stole that idea from Thomas Kail, the director of Hamilton. I hope he doesn't mind if I borrow it because it's true. A headstone doesn’t do it, and I cannot hold my kids responsible for substantiating my … Continue reading Published!

Messy Drawers

This is a terrifying time of year for me. In order to get ‘the holiday thing’ done, I now find myself faced with bedroom, kitchen, and office drawers that make me want to throw up. They symbolize my disorganization by distraction as I dart to the next task without closure on the last. During the … Continue reading Messy Drawers

Flamenco Recital

Con El Alma Dance Recital The night before a recital. Flamenco practice done. The dancers are ready. Their hair in buns. Their feet are sore From practicing every night. Excited and happy, Their goal is to delight. Filled with elation. Full of anticipation. Feeling exhilaration. There’s never a temptation To back away. No way, no … Continue reading Flamenco Recital