HELLO FELLOW WRITERS! I am tickled to announce the obvious: Writers write! We love an open space, a challenge to play with words and to evoke a reaction from our musings. And so, I throw down this gauntlet and invite you to see what you would respond to these “openings.” I guess you could copy paste this worksheet into your computer and play. Then keep it for yourself, or share, or return it. Whatever makes you happy as a writer, and as a person. Enjoy.

I see an . . . My Response is to Your response is to…?
Open wound. Sew
Open door. Slam
Open eye. Blink
Open sore. Protect
Open mind. Meet
Open flower. Enjoy
Open case. Solve
Open heart. Love
Open womb. Deliver
Open safe. Lock
Open fridge. Stock
Open window. Breathe
Open book. Read
Open club. Join
Open hatch. Dive
Open carton. Drink
Open roof. Patch
Open arms. Hug
Open poppy. Sniff
Open camp. Pitch
Open drawer. Pull
Open end. See
Open fingers. Grab
Open garage. Park
Open hand. Bid
Open index. Seek
Open jaws. Chomp
Open kick. Score
Open lips. Lick
Open mouth. Kiss
Open nose. Blow
Open ocean. Fish
Open parcel. Smile
Open quilt. Stitch
Open racecar. Zoom
Open season. Hunt
Open travel. Hope
Open umbrella. Hunch
Open view. Stare
Open wall. Escape
Open xerox. Copy
Open yard. Play
Open zipper. Pee

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