About Kathryn Atkins

I know now. I know why I am here.

I am here to write.

I started writing when I was little. But I didn’t pursue it as a career. Thank goodness. It would have ruined writing for me.😘Kathryn_5x5 copy 2

I grew up in a sedate 1950s Berkeley, California.  It was sedate because it was the 1950s. It and I didn’t become radical until the 60s. I changed. Berkeley did not.

I’ve written short stories, essays, and articles. I’ve written long fiction. Plenty. I’ve written on and offline. I’ve written into the universe and under the dirt. On a boat, in a coat, on the sand with my hand. I’ve written with paper and pen, and written again.

I write because I must. Just as you must do what you must.

So, now I share Giving My Self to the Wind  because it’s time to finish something.


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